For the past 7 years, Katee has dedicated her time creating Wild Rabbit Aerial and being their lead camera operator. Throughout the years, her and her team have filmed aerial and worked on thousands of high end commercials, television shows and feature films. Accumulating clients such as Warner Bros, FOX, Paramount, Universal, Sony, ABC, NBC, CBS, FX, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, UFC, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep, Subaru, Land Rover, BMW, Porsche, Lexus, Rihanna, Travis Scott, Apple, Nike, Tecate and many more.

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Wild Rabbit has been hard at work this last year shooting all over the world. Check out some of our shots from: Subaru, Jeep, Micheal Kors, Land Rover, Lexus, Loreal, Nissan, Dodge, Tecate, FOX Wayward Pines, Dijarum, Subaru, Dijarum, Speedo, Iggy Azalea, Matt Kearney, Drake, Porsche, Moet Chandon, Centrum & Mitsubishi.

Wild Rabbit is committed to breaking the boundaries of conventional cinema. We thrive on collaborating with creatives who are passionate about storytelling and who desire to explore the freedom of aerial cinematography.